MASH Marketing Team

The MASH Marketing Team

How Do Those MASH Newsletters Make It To Your Mailbox?

Ever wonder why that MASH newsletter shows up at your house with the stamp upside down or the letter a little crumpled? You can thank the MASH real estate marketing team, comprised of 4 small children (belonging to Jonathan Philips – Broker/Owner).  Each time, they take pride in setting up an assembly line and seeing the project through from start to finish.  Fold, stuff, stamp, repeat is their motto!  You may end up with just one of Jonathan’s business cards – or FIVE!! If your envelope shows up with absolutely nothing inside – feel free to use your imagination as to what it Might have said. Their method is unpredictable!  Why so much drive and determination, you ask? Simple. They understand the reward of hard work – a Disney Cruise of course. So, next time take a little closer look at those newsletters, flaws and all. They came from a very hardworking crew and perhaps a future generation of realtors! MASH is truly a family affair and we hope that you will continue to be a part of this family.

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